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Yaniv Schwartz


Yaniv Schwartz, born in Jerusalem, is a versatile artist, designer, and skilled woodworker whose diverse family heritage includes glass craftsmanship, jewelry making, and the art of hosting. This background has fueled his interest in the universal human need for spaces that meet their requirements for connection and functionality. Yaniv's central question throughout his artistic journey is how to empower individuals to use space creatively. He studied architectural design and spatial studies in Amsterdam, where he realized the profound beauty and complexity of architecture can be captured in fine woodworking. He then pursued traditional Japanese carpentry in Japan and honed his skills further under a master carpenter in Jerusalem.

In his professional career, Yaniv designed various spaces, including boats and houseboats, emphasizing cultural and communal gatherings. He also co-founded the Middle East Burning Man event, Midburn. In 2021, Yaniv, alongside Eva van der Zand, established "The Moraine," a hub for art, culture, and sustainability. They are currently building a woodworking educational center in the Moraine's forested location, promoting traditional woodworking craftsmanship and slow-rhythm creation. Yaniv's work is a harmonious blend of craftsmanship, art, and cultural connectivity.